Choosing insurance is a big decision and should be considered carefully based on your unique medical needs. The ALS Association partners with the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) to provide The ALS Insurance and Benefits Resource Line, a source designed to provide individualized case management assistance for people living with ALS, their family members and caregivers.

The program offers free, direct telephone access to case managers who can help with navigating health insurance, disability, and financial hardships that impact access to care.

We can help with:

Health Insurance Navigation

  • Check Eligibility and Apply: Determine health insurance options and help with applications and enrollments.
  • Understand Benefits: Assist in understanding insurance benefits and potential out-of-pocket costs.
  • Appeal Help: Receive help with insurance denials.
  • Ensure Accurate Billing: Identify, correct errors, and verify if insurance made payments on medical bills.

Disability Navigation:

  • Check Eligibility and Apply: Determine if you qualify for disability benefits and get help with applications.
  • Appeal Help: Receive help with appeals if your disability claim is denied.

Support for Financial Hardships:

  • Check Eligibility and Apply: Explore external resources to reduce medical costs and everyday expenses, helping with the application paperwork.
  • Negotiate Medical Debt Solutions: Find solutions with creditors for managing medical debt, such as extending payment deadlines, arranging payment plans, securing discounts, or accessing charity.

Are You Eligible?:
To receive our Case Management Services, a patient must:

  • Have a confirmed diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also called motor neuron disease (MND) and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Or the patient must be getting tested for the condition.
  • U.S. resident or residing in its territories and receiving treatment in U.S.
  • A need that is directly related to a current diagnosis or screening of ALS and is aligned with case management program criteria.